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About this book:


In this cookbook, you will find a combination of meals that I had the pleasure of catering to people around the world. What I have done in this First volume is take a few of my personal favorites meals and create this easy-to-follow Vegan Virtual Cookbook. This book is for beginner an introduction to a vegan lifestyle. There are different levels to Veganism and by no means is this book a guideline for you to live by. This just a combination of great-tasting meals that I have used in my catering business to give non-vegan and vegan the spicy flavor of the island and the different world views on eating healthy meals.


I am not a Vegan, however, I have practiced the vegan lifestyle for a little over 12 years,  90% of my personal meals are plant-based and my goal is to eradicate any form of animal byproduct from my diet.


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